There’s no shortage of fuel-efficient cars and SUVs to choose from at St. Cloud Toyota. We pride ourselves on providing quality vehicles that are also friendly to the environment. No matter what type of features you need, we’re confident we can find a match for you that’s also friendly to your wallet. 

What Does “Fuel-Efficient” Mean?

If you are shopping for new Toyota models, you can rest assured you are finding a fuel-efficient vehicle. Fuel efficiency is the capacity of your vehicle’s engine to maximize its use of fuel. When you talk about fuel efficiency, it’s often expressed in miles per gallon, or mpg. The higher the mpg, the more efficient the vehicle.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles allow you to be even more efficient by not only consuming less gas, but by reducing your vehicle’s emissions. The all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybridis the first hybrid version of the model. It gets a whopping 52 mpg highway and 53 mpg city. Even if you aren’t interested in the hybrid option, the Toyota Corolla still achieves an impressive 40 mpg highway.

2019 Toyota Prius

Looking for another fuel-efficient option? Consider the sleek 2019 Toyota Prius. It’s a four-door hatchback with four trim levels: L, LE, XLE, and Limited. This model achieves an impressive 50 mpg highway and 54 mpg city, keeping you on the road instead of at the pump. In fact, it has the highest mpg of any vehicle equipped with All-Wheel Drive, making it perfect for a variety of different drivers.

Buying a Fuel-Efficient Toyota Vehicle at St. Cloud Toyota

Ready to get into a new Toyota vehicle that helps reduce your carbon footprint? Visit our Toyota dealership near Sauk Rapids, MN to test drive a few options and see which one is your favorite. It can be hard to choose just one! Come see us today!