Mechanic changing car wheel in auto repair shop. Closeup of serviceman with tools working near castor of automobile in garage.

Expand your Tire Education and Knowledge Near Sauk Rapids, MN

You don’t need to have the education of a licensed auto mechanic to be a responsible motorist. However, you should have a baseline knowledge of parts like the engine, battery, and tires. Speaking of tires, basic tire knowledge is even more important now that summer is here. It’s no coincidence that tire blowouts increase drastically in the summer. Visit a tire center near me for tire servicing. Our Toyota tire center near Sauk Rapids, MN will square you away on your tire needs.

How to Identify Tire Damage

We suggest examining the tire treads once every season. A reliable DIY measure is the penny test. You should also examine the sidewall. Beneath the sidewall are nylon mesh that reinforces the tire. If you can see the cord-like mesh, then the tire needs to be replaced. Also, do you see “bubbles” or blister-like intrusions in the sidewall? This occurs when the tire pinches against its rim, damaging the inner liner. This also warrants immediate replacement.

The Tire Blows Out; What Do You Do?

A tire blowout is a precarious scenario, and it’s extremely important to remain calm. The natural inclination is to hit the brakes, but this puts the car at risk of veering out of control. Instead, gradually lighten pressure on the gas pedal and pull over when you can safely do so. Even with a blown tire, you can still safely maneuver the car, so don’t think you need to stop the car or pull over immediately. Once stopped on the shoulder, remember to turn on the hazard lights.

Tires may undergo other problems besides being worn. They may also be misaligned, out of balance, or require a rotation. All models from the Toyota Corolla to the Toyota Highlander require regular tire checkups. Visit St Cloud Toyota for tire welfare.