Take Care of the Battery on Your Toyota Highlander in Waite Park, MN

If you’re not sure when you should change your car’s battery, you’re not alone. There are a ton of factors that can limit or lengthen its life, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. That’s why at St. Cloud Toyota, we want to share some of the biggest problems we’ve seen and what you can do about them.

There are factors you can control that can prolong your battery’s life, and there are some you can’t. By far the worst factor you cannot control is weather. A generally cooler climate is preferred to care for your battery, as batteries that hang out in colder climates can live for five years or more. Heat, however, is destructive to your Toyota Highlander’s battery. Heat causes the internal components to lose charge quicker and easier. You can expect a hot weather battery to live maybe three years at most.

One factor you can control is yourself. If you take a lot of small drives but still use all the tech features your Toyota Highlander has to offer, like charging stations and music streaming, you can put a pretty sizable dent in your battery’s power before your alternator can replace the charge. To reduce this, you can either turn some electronics off or just let your car stand with the engine on and nothing else before you leave to give your battery a little helping hand.

If you want to know how your battery is doing before it dies, then bring it in for service at our Toyota service department in Waite Park, MN. Our expert technicians can check your battery and let you know how it’s doing, if it needs to be replaced, and what batteries we have available if need be. Make your appointment today!