At St. Cloud Toyota, we know you have plenty of dealerships in Minnesota to choose from. That’s why we set ourselves apart by providing outstanding service and maintaining an extensive inventory of new Toyota cars. We don’t want you to have to search high and low when you’re looking for Toyota trucks for sale or any of the other Toyota models. We want you to know that you’ll find what you’re searching for at our convenient location.



When You Should Lease

Once you find the Toyota car of your dreams, it’s time to decide if you want to buy or lease it. Having been Waite Park, MN Toyota dealers for more than 45 years, we’re glad to help you make the decision that meets your needs best.

If you’re on a strict budget and don’t have much to put down on a vehicle, leasing may be the right move for you. In general, lessees don’t have to put down as much upfront as drivers who want to purchase a vehicle and they generally enjoy lower monthly payments. It’s common knowledge that new cars lose some of their value every year, especially in the first year they’re owned. Leasing is a smart way to avoid paying for most of that rapid depreciation.

If you’re ready to lease a Toyota car, submit an application for financing to our Toyota financing department now.


When You Should Buy

When you lease a vehicle like the 2018 Toyota Tacoma, you have to abide by certain guidelines. You can only drive a certain number of miles, for example, and you have to maintain your car in good condition. If you drive too much or your vehicle is exposed to excessive wear and tear, you’ll have to pay a penalty at the end of your lease. You don’t have to worry about restrictions or penalties if you purchase a car because your vehicle is yours to do whatever you want with.

Not having to be concerned about penalties or restrictions is a meaningful advantage to buying a car. To learn about some more benefits that purchasing a vehicle provides, contact our Toyota dealership serving St. Cloud, MN now.


Financing a Toyota Vehicle at Our Dealership

Our experts would be delighted to help you secure financing--regardless of whether your lease or buy a Toyota vehicle from us. Visit St. Cloud Toyota today to get started!

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