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No matter what kind of service or maintenance is needed, the expert service team at St. Cloud Toyota is able to get your vehicle fixed up and back on the road at a quick and affordable pace. In fact, the team is proud of the services that they offer and their ability to provide fast, friendly work that has customers coming back to them. One such service they are able to do for you is the replacement of your vehicle’s ignition coil when it breaks down.

What is an Ignition Coil?

Ignition coils are able to transform the low voltage electric power to higher voltage currents in order to create a spark. The spark that is generated by the ignition coil is used to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine so that your vehicle is able to start and run without issue. If the ignition coil is bad, it can cause severe damage to the engine, catalytic converter, ignition wires and spark plugs.

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What damages an ignition coil?

An ignition coil can be damaged by parts that leak, such as hot oil onto the coil. For the most part, the damage that an ignition coil suffers from is caused by other underlying issues. For instance, some of the issues could be spark plug gapping, leaking valve covers or moisture build-up.

How to tell your ignition coil needs to be looked at

There are a few ways to tell if there is something wrong with your ignition coil—from your vehicle backfiring, to decreasing fuel efficiency, to the engine misfiring. Other common signs could be if your vehicle stalls, doesn’t start, or—obviously—your vehicle’s check engine light is on. If any of these problems keep occurring, we recommend that you bring your vehicle in to our service center so that our trained technicians can take a look.

Replacing an ignition coil is relatively easy, though sometimes it also requires the replacement of the spark plugs as well. The most efficient way to have the coil replaced is to bring it to our state-of-the-art service center. Another reason to bring in your vehicle is because a faulty ignition coil is usually caused by other problems as well. This way each problem can be diagnosed and taken care of so that your car is in pristine condition. You should also avoid driving your vehicle if you the ignition.

The best way to keep your ignition coil in good condition is to keep your vehicle in good condition. You should also regularly have your vehicle serviced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For advice or questions regarding your vehicle and its needed maintenance, you can talk with our professionally-trained service technicians online or by calling 320-227-8052. You can also schedule a service appointment online, in person or by phone.

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