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Flat Tire Patch near St. Cloud, MN

Maybe you hit a nail in the road or you ran over a bad pot hole, whatever it is, your tire is now flat. Depending on the damage to the tire itself, it can be repaired with a patch or plug so that it can be used again. Luckily, we can help you with all of your tire needs at St. Cloud Toyota! From a tire rotation to buying a new tire, we will work with you the entire way to get you safely back on the road at an affordable price.

The first thing about patching a tire is finding where the leak or hole is. If the hole in the tire is small, like from a screw or nail, you are able to just plug the tire. When plugging a tire, the air pressure will be increased to about 5-pounds over the recommended tire pressure. Then, the plug is threaded through the “eye” on the smooth-shafted T handle that comes in the tire plug kit. Next, the T handle without the “eye” is inserted into the hold, and the T handle with the plug is pushed all the way into the hole. Now, the T handle is pulled out and the plug will stay.

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If the hole in the tire is too big, then it must be patched, which is best done in a service center. The tire must be removed from the vehicle and from the rim in order to be patched, and because the tire will leak air quite quickly, it’s best to not drive on the tire at all.

Once you tire is patched or plugged, then you can drive with the tire for many miles. However, if the hole is too big for a patch, or if your tire has more than one patch, you should replace the tire immediately.

For any of your tire needs, you can come to our service center to receive fast and friendly assistance. With many years of success under our belt, we are sure that you will experience high quality service. If you have any problems or need any vehicle maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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