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At St. Cloud Toyota, our Toyota service center technicians are equipped to handle repairs big or small. A very important repair that tends to come us is transmissions repairs. The transmission is one of the most important parts of a vehicle’s powertrain and can be one of the most expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance can help prevent these issues. If it’s time for scheduled maintenance on your vehicle or you’re concerned about the status of your car, please feel free to call us or contact St. Cloud Toyota online to ask questions to our friendly staff. We’d be happy to serve you at our nearby Toyota dealership!



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Know the Transmission Problem Warning Signs 

It's important to be aware of common transmission problems and the usual signs associated with them, as it could possibly save you thousands of dollars in transmission repairs or replacement. The sooner you become familiar with the warning signs, the better your chances of never having to spend a dime on transmission repairs. The four most common transmission issues and warning signs are discussed below. If any of these warning signs sound familiar, contact the St. Cloud Toyota Service Department today.  

Common Transmission Issues 

Low Fluid Levels or Leaks | The most common type of transmission problem, low levels of transmission fluid are usually caused by leaks in the transmission system itself. Symptoms include gear slippage or slow shifting.  

Torque Converter Problems | A possible source of several types of problems that can result in transmission damage or failure, one of the most common being worn or damaged needle bearings. Symptoms include strange noises while in driving gears, such as grinding or brushing sounds.  

Solenoid Problems | Responsible for controlling the flow of fluid throughout the transmission, the solenoid can become damaged due to insufficient fluid levels or electronic problems. Symptoms are usually similar to those of low fluid levels or leaks—gear slippage or slow shifting. 

Clutch Problems | Located within the torque converter, the clutch can occasionally jam which may cause the solenoid to lock resulting in a possible fluid miscalculation. Symptoms also appear very similar to low fluid levels, as well as violent shaking underneath the vehicle, high transmission heat levels, and a sharp drop in the engine's power output. 


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