Common Car Parts to Upgrade at St. Cloud Toyota


If you’re looking for Toyota trucks for sale, you simply have to have a 2017 Toyota Prius, or you’re in love with one of our pre-owned Toyota cars, visit St. Cloud Toyota. We have a generous inventory of the latest Toyota cars and we have a nice selection of previously owned Toyota automobiles that are as great-looking as they are dependable. We also have a fully stocked Toyota parts department and a state-of-the-art Toyota service center. When you take a moment to think about it, you’ll see that St. Cloud Toyota is ready to handle all of your automotive needs.


Common Car Parts to Upgrade

  • Brakes
  • Oil & air filters
  • Exhaust
  • Spring & shocks
  • Suspension



Introduction to Car Parts


Do you know the best way to keep your vehicle’s service costs low? It’s by having your car serviced regularly. AAA estimates that drivers can save an average of $100 per service visit simply by keeping up with their car’s routine maintenance.


Now, imagine what you can do with all of the money you can save on service over the course of your vehicle’s life. If you’re like many drivers, you’re already thinking about some of the parts you’ll be able to upgrade over time. As you’ll see when you visit our Toyota parts center near Sauk Rapids, MN, there are plenty of parts for you to choose from when it comes to making upgrades. From brakes, to air intakes, to springs and shocks, to accessories, our Toyota parts department has them all.


 When It's Time to Schedule an Appointment

  • Your brakes make noise
  • Your ride is bumpy
  • Your car can't hold a straight line
  • Your tires are worn
  • your wipers are cracked
  • Your power steering is out
  • Your 4WD isn't working


Signs That a Part Could Be Malfunctioning


We’ve been Toyota dealers near St. Cloud long enough to assure you that your car is a good communicator when it comes to malfunctioning parts just like we are even though your vehicle has a different communication style. Your tires will display uneven wear patterns if they’re over- or under-inflated or your car’s out of alignment, for instance. If you need new brake pads, you’ll hear unusual noises coming from your wheel wells.


If you notice that your ride isn’t as smooth as it used to be, your car may be telling you that you have a problem with your suspension or transmission. Tire and brake problems can also make your ride bumpy. If your car isn’t providing as smooth a ride as it once did, bring it into our Waite Park, MN Toyota service center so we can identify and fix the underlying cause.


Whether you drive a brand-new Toyota vehicle, one of our 2016 Toyota models, or an older automobile, visit St. Cloud Toyota if you’ve noticed any signs that a car part may be malfunctioning or you want to make upgrades to your vehicle. Stop by our convenient location at 418 2nd Street today.


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