At St. Cloud Toyota, we are proud to offer new Toyota cars, along with used and certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles to drivers in Waite Park, MN, and the surrounding areas. We understand the confusion and perhaps nervousness that goes into the car-buying process and are happy to give you guidance. By separating the facts from the myths about buying a car, you can go into the dealership with clarity and a greater deal of confidence.

Car Buying Myths

  1. Paying cash will get you a better deal: Customers often go into a dealership thinking that if they purchase a vehicle upfront in cash, that they can negotiate a lower price. The reality is that dealerships usually have more incentives to finance the vehicle to you than to sell it in cash and will often do their best to trim the interest rates, which is a win for everyone.
  2. It’s best to buy a car on a rainy day: The reasoning behind this myth assumes that people don’t want to browse a car lot in the rain, so therefore the dealership will be having a slow day and be willing to give you a better deal. While this may have worked at some point in the past, the reality is that if you go to a dealership in the rain, you will see many other people there with the same idea.  
  3. Wait until the last minute to tell them you are trading in: Customers often think that if they tell the dealership they are trading in right away, that they won’t be as likely to offer them a better deal. In fact, pretty much all dealerships know this tactic by now and there is even a term for it: “parachuting the trade.” If you wait until the last minute to mention you are trading in, all it will do is extend your time at the dealership while you wait for your car to be appraised.

What to Know Before You Buy

 Before you make a purchase from our Toyota dealership near St. Cloud, MN, make sure you know if financing or buying is right for you. Visit our online Toyota finance center to use our helpful tools that let you get pre-approved for a loan, calculate your monthly payment, and get an estimate on your trade-in. Our team of Minnesota Toyota dealers can walk you through your needs and preferences to guide your decision on buying new or used and set you up to test drive any of our vehicles. There’s no pressure to buy when you come in for your visit, so feel free to get information on your initial visits, and return to purchase a car when you are ready.

We look forward to welcoming you for an exceptional car-buying experience at our Waite Park, MN, Toyota dealership.