While our experts at St. Cloud Toyota love selling new and exciting Toyota models to our customers, we are also passionate about providing top-notch service, repair and tire assistance. Our Toyota service center is staffed with qualified, highly trained professionals that can assist you with a wide variety of maintenance tasks.



Whether you’re driving a Toyota Camry or a Toyota Highlander, our service department has technicians ready to help you with quality parts and accessories to keep your car running smoothly. One of the key items that the service center at our Toyota dealership serving Waite Park, MN can provide is finding you the tires that fit your needs best. Tires are an extremely critical part of your vehicle, and regular maintenance of them can help you avoid potential problems down the line. 



As you drive through various conditions - rainy and snowy weather, rough terrain, and everyday wear and tear - your tires begin to wear down and become less reliable over time. However, there are few simple tasks that you can perform to maintain your tires and prevent future accidents. 


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One simple task is checking the air pressure in all of your tires (including your vehicle’s spare) monthly with a tire gauge. If you need a guide for proper inflation, check the inside driver’s door of your pre-owned or new Toyota vehicle. Another factor to watch for is poor tire alignment, which wears out your tires more quickly and unevenly. Since different models use different kinds of tires, some types may wear out due to more extensive use. 



Our Toyota service center suggests having your tires checked once each year and replaced every five years unless they experience irregular wear and tear.  Most tires have tread depths of 9/32-inch to 11/32-inch, and you should replace them once the treads are down to 2/32-inch. Our service team at St. Cloud Toyota can even perform those tasks for you - just schedule a service appointment for your Toyota car or SUV and they ’ll help you find the best tires that fit your driving situation.



Whether you’re looking for new tires or have other maintenance needs for your Toyota car or SUV, check out the service center at our Toyota dealership serving Sauk Rapids, MN. Our staff can help you with tire inspections, rotations, alignments, and other service needs. Schedule an appointment and check out our website for service specials. Let us help you keep your Toyota vehicle running smoothly!