When you need to find a good selection of new Toyota cars, St Cloud Toyota is the place to go. Our Waite Park, MN Toyota dealership has a great inventory of pre-owned and new Toyota vehicles that are perfect for different types of driving needs, especially if you want to save on gas. The hybrid vehicles we carry are designed to reduce carbon emissions while helping you take fewer trips to the gas pump. Head over to our Toyota dealership today to test drive our advanced hybrid Toyota cars.

How Hybrids Work

Toyota is proud to make quality hybrid cars that help reduce gas emission, which helps our drivers save money while protecting the environment. The way that Toyota hybrid cars work is that they run on a combination of battery power and gas power. While some hybrid cars rely on battery charging by plugging into a charging station, our hybrid vehicles conveniently recharge by capturing the energy that is generated by the motion of the vehicle. This also ultimately results in even less of a carbon footprint since no additional electricity is needed to charge the car’s battery motor. Hybrid cars are capable of driving at low speeds purely on electric power, while the gas engine kicks into gear for more demanding acceleration.

When you visit our Toyota dealership, you’ll get to get a firsthand look at the amazing hybrid cars we have to offer, such as the Toyota Prius.

Hybrid Cars in Waite Park, MN

The Toyota Prius is a midsize hatchback that is sold exclusively as a hybrid car. Since ultra-efficient cars are the way of the future, the styling of the Toyota Prius fully reflects this idea, with a design-forward body shape and a sleek interior. The Toyota Prius uses space efficiently, as well, fitting plenty of room for five passengers and a large cargo area inside its compact frame. You can also choose an available all-wheel drivetrain for solid handling on various road conditions. The hybrid technology of the Toyota Prius allows for impressive fuel economy, achieving an estimated 54 MPG on the highway.

It’s about time you chose a vehicle that helps you do your part in keeping the Earth green. Plus, you get to benefit from dramatic savings on fuel as you go about your regular driving routines. Visit or contact your local Toyota dealer near Sauk Rapids, MN today to learn more about hybrid cars and everything they have to offer.