How to Shop For Car Batteries at St Cloud Toyota


Your Toyota battery is the "heart" of your vehicle. Without a functional battery, your vehicle can't start or get you from point A to point B, whether you have brand new Toyota cars in your driveway or an older vehicle. Your local Sartell, MN area Toyota dealership service center works hard to ensure our customer's vehicles are properly maintained with genuine Toyota parts and expert level maintenance from our service technicians.


Signs It's Time for a New Battery

  • Engine cranks but won't start
  • Lights won't turn on when you turn the key
  • Vehicle stars fine one day & won't start the next
  • You've jumped the battery several times before


About Car Batteries

Your Toyota battery supplies the power your vehicle needs to start and run properly. While modern car batteries are designed to last, there are still times when you will need to replace the battery. Luckily, most car batteries will give you some warning signs that it is time to replace the battery, before you become completely stranded in a parking lot. Your local Sartell Toyota dealership would like all of our customers to know that one of the first signs that you should consider replacing your battery is an engine that cranks (make noise) when you turn the key but just won't start. If this happens along with dimming lights or lights that don't turn on, you can pretty much guarantee you are in need of a new car battery. Batteries that have needed to be jumped to start the engine one or more times are also giving you a "warning" that you should replace the battery to avoid the inconvenience of a completely dead battery in the not-so-distant future! Bring your Toyota in for a complimentary battery service check to determine whether or not you need a new one. The service department team at St. Cloud Toyota is prepared to help you with a new battery designed for your particular vehicle.


 What to Consider When Buying a Car Battery

  • The battery should not sit for more than six months before use
  • Extreme cold temperatures lower battery power
  • Have battery power level checked at service center


Choosing A Battery

All car and truck batteries will naturally lose power over time, even if the battery has simply been sitting on the shelf unused. Look for batteries that have not been sitting for more than six months. Another important thing to remember about car batteries is that extremely cold temperatures can zap the power from a good battery very quickly. If the Minnesota temperatures have been cold for some time, bring your Toyota into the service center for a battery check to be on the safe side. Our technicians will let you know whether you should consider buying a new battery or if you have enough power to your existing battery.


To make your service appointment at St. Cloud Toyota, simply call our service department today at (800) 892-0324 or schedule an appointment online. Our dealership is conveniently located on 418 2nd St. in South Waite Park. We are always available to help you with your vehicle service needs or to help you find a new or pre-owned Toyota. To talk with the dedicated sales team, give us a call at (320) 227-8052.


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