For many years, St. Cloud Toyota has been the go-to dealership for all things Toyota cars. We’d like to think that we’ve left many car shoppers in the greater Waite Park, MN area with great maintenance and service. That’s why we feel it’s time we provide them with information on tire options, especially with the many different weather conditions that we all encounter.

How to Choose Tires

When it comes to maintaining your car, truck, or SUV, the tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. That’s because picking the right tires can directly affect how your car performs. If you learn about the difference between tire options, selecting the right set of tires may come a little bit easier.

Take, for example, the ever-popular 2019 Toyota 4Runner . If you plan to take this SUV off-roading, you would need all-terrain tires, which offer

  • Off-roading capability with quality on-road performance
  • Excellent traction and stability during winter driving
  • Towing and hauling support

On the other hand, all-season tires maybe more your speed if you don’t plan to go off-roading. These types of tires are quieter, and they are capable of less-severe off-roading conditions, able to conquer gravel or dirt roads. If you need more information, the technicians at St. Cloud Toyota service center are more than eager to lend you a helping hand.

Time for New Tires

 If your car travels for long enough, the wear and tear on its tires will start to make a difference. Here are some tips and tricks to see if you need to replace your tires:

  • Insert a penny upside down between the treads to see if Abraham Lincoln’s head is showing; if so, it’s time for new tires.
  • Too much vibration while driving is a strong indicator that you need new tires.
  • If you find cracks on the sidewall, it’s time to take it to our Toyota dealership for an immediate check-up.

Like always, we’re here to help you any way we can. Simply call us at (320) 227-8052 to speak with a technicians to see if you’re due for new tires and to discuss which options are right for you. We hope to hear from you soon!



Tire options:

  • All-seaon tires
  • Performance all-season tires
  • Winter/snow tires

Signs it's time for new tires:

  • Tires are balding 
  • Car is constantly shaking 
  • Cords are showing in the tires
  • Cracks on the sidewall