Toyota Crossover SUV Buying Guide at St. Cloud Toyota

If you’re thinking about upgrading to one of our new Toyota cars and require one that’s capable of a higher seating capacity, excellent gas mileage, and protecting with advanced safety features, you should buy or lease a crossover SUV.

Crossover SUVs generally provide ample space for both passengers and cargo. They save you hundreds at the gas pump with sedan- or coupe-level fuel efficiency and protect you with their naturally bigger chassis, among other standard safety features. Your nearby Toyota dealers are experts in all things crossover SUVs, and they have a list of them that you may find interesting.

2020 RAV$ Adventure driving through woods near St. Cloud Toyota of waite park

2020 Toyota RAV4

Available in many trim levels, the 2020 Toyota RAV4 is one of the most versatile crossover SUVs in the lineup. It comes in a style exterior that will makes all passersby stop with enthusiasm. It’s powered by an available 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine capable of producing 203 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. It also provides unmatched fuel efficiency especially in its hybrid model, which can produce 41 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.

2020 Toyota Highlander driving down street near St. Cloud Toyota of waite park

2020 Toyota Highlander

If you’re looking for family-friendly crossover, the 2020 Toyota Highlander hits the mark. With standard third-row seating, it allows up to eight passengers to sit down comfortably. Under the hood is an available 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 295 horsepower and 263 lb-ft of torque. This Toyota model is designed to take you places both near and far, so if you like taking road trips with your loved ones, then this crossover is the right choice.

2020 Toyota ch-r available now near st cloud toyota of waite park

2020 Toyota CH-R

The 2020 Toyota CH-R is the perfect match for those looking to stand out. By looking at this crossover, you’ll immediately notice its innovative design, meant to attract and provide the utmost in confidence. Though smaller than the previously mentioned vehicles, this crossover still packs a powerful punch in the form of an available 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 144 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque.

The best way to know which crossover matches with your driving needs is by taking each one out for a test drive. Come down to St. Cloud Toyota and take one out for a spin today!