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Brake Pad Replacement in Waite Park, MN

Some of the hardest workers in your car are your brake pads. You don’t always think about them every time you need to slow or stop your car, but they do far more than pull their own weight.

If your brake pads are wearing out, or you think they might be getting a little thin, be sure to bring your car over to St. Cloud Toyota to have our professional team of service technicians replace your brake pads and check the rest of your brake system for other repairs or maintenance you may need. 

Brake Pad Types 

When you need to get new brake pads, you might be tempted to find a cheap set of pads and put them on and forget about them for a few thousand miles. This is not the best idea, though, because you get what you pay for when it comes to brake pads. The three main types of brake pads are described below. 

  • Organic: These brake pads are made from rubber, resins, or other natural materials and are the least expensive type of brake pad. The problem with them is that they tend to create a lot of dust from all the friction. Another downside is durability; they just don’t hold up as well as other materials. 
  • Metallic Brake Pads: You may already have metallic brake pads on your vehicle. They hold up well to lots of use and don’t cost too much. It’s a good combination of positives, but high-performance vehicles will probably want to go for something lighter. 
  • Ceramic Brake Pads: Performance cars will usually rely on ceramic brakes to get the best stopping power with the fewest drawbacks outside of price. If you’re willing to shell out more money, ceramic brake pads are quieter than other pad types and less dusty. 

Replacing Your Brake Pads at St. Cloud Toyota 

If you can feel the difference in your brake pads, it is time to get a new pair. If you cannot, check your odometer. If you have driven more than 25,000 miles since your last brake pad change, you should bring your car in for service to see how much life they have left in them. Since some pads last longer than others, you may not need to change them right away. If you haven’t changed the brake pads and you have gone over 70,000 miles, you need to get your brake pads changed. Trust the service professionals at St. Cloud Toyota to replace your brake pads and fix any other issues you may have with your vehicle. 

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