When buying a preowned vehicle, you want peace of mind. At St. Cloud Toyota, your preowned vehicle is covered under a lifetime powertrain warranty. There is no added charge for enrolling in the program when a preowned vehicle is purchased. See dealer for details. 




Vehicle Maintence Requirements

The customer must perform ALL maintenance on their vehicle as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer at the selling dealer's repair facility for the Warranty Certificate to be valid. the customer must perform these requirements to maintain eligibility under Warranty Certificate. Proof of maintenance must be supplied by vehicle purchaser at the time of any claim.

Should the customer reside within a fifty (50) mile radius of selling dealer's repair facility, and choose to perform their maintenance recommended by the vehicle manufacturer from a licensed repair facility other than the selling dealer's repair facility, the cutomer must contact the Administrator of the Warranty Certificate for permission to maintain eligibility under the Warranty Certificate. If the customer's residence is outside a fifty (50) mile radios of the selling dealer's repair facilty, the customer may have all the manufacturer's recommended maintenance done at a licensed repair facility of the customer's choosing without permission from the Administrator of this Certificate. 

See dealer for exclusions.