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2024 Toyota Nightshade

The Toyota team is among the most prolific in the automotive industry, shipping Toyota vehicles like the ones in our showroom to locations on every continent. There are some key reasons why drivers across nationalities choose Toyota vehicles over competing models. Those reasons are exactly the ones that should lead you to St. Cloud Toyota the next time you’re shopping for an automobile.

Toyota Production System

Commonly referred to as TPS, the Toyota Production System inherently ensures every Toyota car is reliable and built for the long haul. This system rests on several pillars that drive the Toyota team’s production process from start to finish. Arguably the most important of the team’s pillars is Kaizen, which combines two Japanese words that mean “change” and “for the better,” meaning the Toyota team should constantly strive for improvement.

Total Quality Management

Known as TQM, total quality management isn’t a concept that’s unique to the Toyota team. What is unique is the success that the Toyota team continues to have with TQM as a business practice. The team uses TQM to improve Toyota automobiles, optimize supply chains, and provide stellar customer service.

Toyota Product Development System

Long before a chassis is assembled, the Toyota team employs TPDS to ensure a vehicle bearing the Toyota name will be of the highest quality. TPDS is based on three long-standing principles that are broken down into three categories: process, people, and tools and technology. Integrated development is the foundation of TPDS, and the result is reliable Toyota vehicles that are made to last.


When we add to the team at our Waite Park, MN Toyota dealership, we aim to hire the best of the best. The Toyota team does the same when hiring engineers. Hiring the best, most accomplished, and most creative engineers ensures existing and all-new Toyota models are designed and manufactured to the highest degree of reliability.

Toyota Safety Sense®

TSS® is shorthand for Toyota Safety Sense®, which is a suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive features. That suite includes laudable equipment, such as a forward collision warning and intervention system. Together, these safety features help drivers avoid accidents, and they increase the reliability of Toyota cars.

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