Changing Your Key Fob Battery

Replacing your Toyota Camry key fob battery may seem like a pain, but don’t worry! Our team here at St. Cloud Toyota has your back. Nothing is too small to escape our attention, from maintenance to Toyota parts.


Key Fob Battery Change Step-By-Step

If you notice that your key fob is no longer as responsive or only works intermittently, it may indicate that the battery is losing capacity. While you can bring it to our St. Cloud Toyota service center, you don’t have to; with a couple of simple tools, you’ll have the job done in no time.


Collect Your Materials

You only need a few tools and materials for this simple change. Order a new battery for your fob based on the requirements in your auto manual. You’ll also want to have a small screwdriver on hand.


Remove Emergency Key

Your key fob has an analog key built into the fob for emergencies. Use the release button located next to the emergency key to remove it.


Open the Fob

There will be a location on your fob to place the lip of the emergency key. Once secured, turn the key slightly until the fob pops open. Remove the key cover and locate the battery on the board.


Remove and Replace the Battery

Once you have found the battery, you can use your screwdriver to gently and carefully pop the battery out of position. Replace the old battery with the new one by placing it plus-side up. It’s a good idea to check the battery by clicking on the fob and ensuring it works.


Put it Back Together

After you have tested your battery to your satisfaction, put the case back together and return the emergency key to its location. Voila — you’re done! You can order all the parts you need to care for your Toyota vehicle right here at St. Cloud Toyota. Explore our growing catalog of Toyota parts and accessories today.

September 10, 2022
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