How Can I Tell if I Need Exhaust and Muffler Replacement?

No one will serve you better than St. Cloud Toyota when it comes to exhaust and muffler replacement. We’re not just dedicated to matching you with the perfect vehicle for the next great adventure. We also want to ensure that your car runs safely and efficiently for many more years. Here’s a look at exhaust and muffler care, and signs they need to be replaced.


You Hear Noise From the Engine

Whenever you hear strange noises from your engine, you want to bring your vehicle in for service. That said, extreme changes in noises and sounds like rattling or rumbling are most likely related to the exhaust system. Typically, there is a leak somewhere in the exhaust system, which affects the engine’s revolutions. Leaks most commonly appear in the exhaust manifold or joints in the system.


You Hear Noise From the Exhaust

You also want to watch for signs of rattling from the rear of your car. When the muffler becomes loose, it can rattle or shake against the undercarriage and eventually become disconnected if not repaired.


Your Fuel Efficiency Drops

One of the most obvious indications that your exhaust system needs care or service is that your fuel efficiency is suddenly very poor. A sudden drop in fuel efficiency may indicate an exhaust leak, which is damaging to the vehicle and potentially dangerous to passengers, so it should be addressed immediately.

You’ll find the answers to your pressing service questions, maintenance support you can rely on, and OEM Toyota parts right here at St. Cloud Toyota. Visit our dealership for exhaust and muffler service support so you can get back on the road with peace of mind.

November 15, 2022
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