Toyota truck on mountain

When you’re in the middle of researching your next new car, oftentimes there are features that are easy to overlook. After all, new Toyota models have the latest entertainment features, safety options, and driver assist capabilities, which gives you a lot to be excited about. However, have you thought about what type of drivetrain you want in your new vehicle from St. Cloud Toyota?

Types of Drivetrains

To put it simply, your drivetrain is your Toyota vehicle’s components that delivers power to the wheels. This is especially important to consider for St. Cloud drivers who deal with harsh winters and unpredictable driving conditions.

There are four different types of drivetrain your Toyota vehicle may have:

  • Front Wheel Drive – provides power to the front wheels
  • Rear Wheel Drive – in opposition, provides power to the back wheels
  • Four Wheel Drive – provides power directly to all four wheels and can be turned on and off depending on the need
  • All Wheel Drive – provides power to all four wheels, determining where the power is needed

Toyota Models near St. Cloud, MN

When you are trying to determine the drivetrain that’s best for you, it’s important to consider what type of driving you’ll be doing. Do you intend to do off-roading in your vehicle? Do you need better traction in your vehicle?

The 2019 Toyota 4Runner is a great option if you’re looking for an adventure vehicle. This SUV comes with rear-wheel drive and 4-wheel-drive options.

Wanting a bigger SUV? The 2019 Toyota Highlander includes Dynamic Torque-Control AWD. It automatically shifts to All-Wheel Drive when it realizes your traction is slipping. This is especially beneficial when driving through bad weather

Maybe the power of a truck is best? The 2019 Toyota Tacoma comes standard with rear wheel drive but lets you opt for front wheel drive if you prefer.

Still wondering what type of drivetrain is best? Visit our Waite Park, MN Toyota dealership to test drive a few Toyota models and see the difference a drivetrain can make. You’ll be surprised at just how different they can be!