How to Know if You Need Exhaust and Muffler Replacement

Your exhaust and muffler are important parts of your vehicle’s performance; they help to keep you safe by filtering dangerous fumes from your car. If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s time to look into exhaust and muffler replacement from St. Cloud Toyota.

Loud Noises

As its name suggests, your muffler helps to muffle the noise created by your exhaust system. If your vehicle is especially loud when accelerating, your muffler may be damaged or overdue for a replacement.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Your muffler helps to make your vehicle more fuel-efficient. Decreased fuel efficiency can be a sign that your muffler isn’t working efficiently, or that you have an exhaust leak.

Foul Odor

Your muffler and exhaust help to filter dangerous fumes. If they’re damaged, the fumes can become trapped, and you’ll notice a bad smell coming from your car. This can be extremely dangerous, so if you’re noticing a bad smell, get your vehicle inspected right away.


Are your steering wheel, gas pedal, or seat vibrating while you drive? Unusual vibrations are often due to a rusty exhaust pipe or an issue with your exhaust system.

Reduced Power

When your exhaust system isn’t functioning properly, you’ll definitely start to see diminished performance. If your vehicle isn’t accelerating like it used to, this could be due to an exhaust issue.

Check Engine Light

While it could be due to a number of culprits, an exhaust system issue can trigger your check engine light. If it’s illuminated, make sure to have your vehicle inspected.

Explore Exhaust and Muffler Replacement Options at St. Cloud Toyota

If you need an exhaust or muffler replacement, we strongly encourage you to look into genuine Toyota parts. You can easily order parts from our Toyota dealership in Waite Park, MN anytime — stop in to get started today!

May 5, 2023
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